'Ring of Roses' Comic Heads To The Big Screen

Ring of Roses - Image ComicsThe film rights for Das Petrou and John Watkiss’ original graphic novel “Ring of Roses” have been picked up by Spice Factory and Persistent Entertainment.

According to Variety, Jason Piette and Michael L. Cowan of Spice Factory and Matthew Rhodes and Aaron Cruze of Persistent are on board to produce the film.

Originally published in 2005 by Image Comics, “Ring of Roses” takes place in an alternate world in which England is ruled by the iron hand of the church. Following the horrific murders of six high-powered priests; an ambitious lawyer and a hardened criminal are tasked to uncover the conspiracy behind the events amidst a lethal outbreak of the bubonic plague.

While “Ring of Roses” is set in a divergent 21st century, it seems to share a few thematic elements with Arvid Nelson and Eric Johnson’s “Rex Mundi,” which also takes place in an alternate history in which the Roman Catholic Church is all-powerful. The film rights to “Rex Mundi” were picked up last year by Johnny Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil as a possible starring vehicle for Depp.

However, both “Ring of Roses” and “Rex Mundi” may still have to contend with Hollywood’s continued resistance to any projects that might be construed as controversial in religious circles. When the similarly themed “The Golden Compass” was released in 2007, its script was heavily changed to tone down the religious elements and the film ultimately failed to find a significant audience among domestic movie-goers.

Do you think “Ring of Roses” will be able to overcome Hollywood’s fear of controversy? Which project are you more excited about: “Ring of Roses” or “Rex Mundi”? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!