Stephen King To Co-Write 'American Vampire' Comic Book

Stephen KingAcclaimed horror novelist Stephen King is hardly a stranger to comic books thanks to Marvel's adaptations of "The Dark Tower" and "The Stand," and Del Rey's upcoming adaptation of "The Talisman," but the writer is looking to branch out into unchartered territory with entirely original comic book content.

According to The New York Times, King will co-write a new series titled "American Vampire" for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The title's first five-issue arc will feature two 16-page stories, one written by King and the other written by Scott Snyder. Rafael Albuquerque will illustrate.

"American Vampire" focuses on "a new breed of vampire through the lens of different eras in American history," according to The Times. Snyder's story features a vampire named Pearl seeking fame during the jazz age, while King tells the tale of "Skinner Sweet, the first American vampire who does not fear the sun."

Perhaps more interesting than King's involvement in the comic book is how he got involved in the first place—essentially through a fan letter, as co-writer Snyder sent King a pitch on "American Vampire" in the hopes of securing a blurb from the famed author.

"He wrote back saying he really liked it and would do a couple of issues if anyone would let him," said Snyder.

It's unclear how King's involvement in the Vertigo property will effect his relationship with Marvel, if at all—but the prospect of entirely original comic book content from the novelist is certainly exciting for his fans, myself included!

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