Mastodon Describes Their 'Jonah Hex' Score

Jonah HexMastodon's rumored role as composers for the "Jonah Hex" score has since been confirmed, and the band has now opened up with some details about what their tracks will sound like behind Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich. When "Jonah Hex" hits theaters in 2010, it will have an original sound playing behind it that channels both Pink Floyd and Neil Young.

"Some of it was heavy, some of it was very moody," Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders told Paste. "A lot of it was spacey, Melvins B-sides, Pink Floyd-like, surreal outer space, like Neil Young’s 'Dead Man.' Swirling, nausea music."

Made up of instrumentals and variations on themes for each of the main characters, Sanders spoke highly of the synergy he developed with director Jimmy Hayward, who originally called the band as a fan to request their involvement, which they agreed to without a paycheck. Though their recording costs, were covered, the collaboration was based far more on creative motivations than financial ones.

"I guarantee an incredibly popular misconception will be, ‘Oh my god, they’re selling out doing a f---ing comic book movie. They probably got a huge paycheck and don’t give a sh-- about integrity,’" Sanders said. "The fact is the exact opposite. We sacrificed another two weeks away from home to give away an album’s worth of material for nothing in return but satisfaction in being a part of something incredible."

Guitarist Brent Hinds was even given a cameo in the film, along with the honor of being the first on-screen death, though. So the band will be immortalized on screens, as well as on theater speakers, which should count for something.

Do you think Mastodon will be a good match for "Jonah Hex"? Do you like the direction that Sanders says the band took with it? Share your reactions in the comment section below.