Kevin Smith's Dream Character: Hot Stuff, The Little Devil?!

Several months ago, "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner told MTV News that there are few characters left in comic books for him to adapt—and while that may be true for the eventual "Youngblood" filmmaker, it's certainly not true for Kevin Smith.

Smith, who recently made a colorful appeal for Jon Hamm to star as both Superman and Batman, declared that there is one comic book character that has yet to be tapped, one franchise that remains to be treated with the respect and dignity it deserves on the big screen—and one hero that wears a snug-fitting diaper.

"I think there's a brilliant, revisionist take to be done on 'Hot Stuff, the Little Devil,'" Smith told MTV News.

Hot Stuff, created in the late '50s by Warren Kremer, is a devious baby demon armed with a diaper, a magical pitchfork and a bad attitude. Smith said that while the character certainly has a cutesy side, it's about time to give Hot Stuff another look — one that's more in line with the darker tone of today's comic book movie climate.

"It was so cute when I was a kid, but now, let's take it satanic," he said. "Let's make it evil, where he's just like, 'I am the aborted fetus, the love child between a Christian and Satan!' Just take it in a weird direction where people are like, 'Does he still wear a diaper, dude?' Yes! He looks the same, but acts completely differently."

As long as he gets to keep the diaper, I'm in.

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