SECRET IDENTITY: Five Comic Book Characters Bruce Campbell Should Play

Bruce CampbellLongtime Sam Raimi collaborator and "Spider-Man" cameo aficionado Bruce Campbell is said to have a "meaty role" in "Spider-Man 4," but whether that means he'll play one of the film's villains or just have a larger guest stint is unclear at the moment.

Right now, Splash Page readers have the opportunity to weigh in on who Campbell should play in the fourth "Spider-Man" movie, but the brainstorming doesn't end there!

Campbell—an absolute superstar in the geek genre thanks to the "Evil Dead" franchise, "Bubba Ho-Tep" and more—would be great in a variety of comic book roles outside of "Spider-Man 4," don't you think?

Personally, I think that Campbell works best in a supporting capacity when it comes to established franchises—so given that caveat, here are five supporting comic book roles that I think the actor would knock out of the park.

DUM DUM DUGANDUM DUM DUGAN: If Marvel Studios wasn't already rolling with the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury — which, by casting Samuel L. Jackson, they've handled perfectly — I'd say that Campbell would be an excellent fit for the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. But with my mind still stuck in the Marvel Universe, I immediately thought of good old Dum Dum Dugan as a great role for Campbell.

Sure, the actor would need to dye his hair red, but that's hardly a difficult fix. Further, Campbell has played the comedic tough-as-nails type before, which strikes me as a perfect way to approach Dugan in the current Marvel movie universe. Not only that, but the idea of Campbell going head-to-head with Jackson or even Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark would be amazing to see in "The Avengers."

THE IMMORTALTHE IMMORTAL: As the leader of the Guardians of the Globe in Robert Kirkman's "Invincible," the Immortal has lived and seen through it all, including Arthurian legends and even the American Civil War. While a feature film adaptation of the long-running Image Comics series hasn't been announced yet, I'm hoping that we're not too far off from this movie—and when we get there, Campbell should play the Immortal.

True, the erstwhile Ash Williams doesn't exactly have a younger physique these days, but that's nothing a little make-up and a solid costume can't overcome. Plus, the possibility of Campbell having the chance to play both the superheroic Immortal and Abraham Lincoln in the same movie is way too awesome to ignore.

JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE: Jesse Custer — the swear-spewing, butt-kicking ex-priest with the voice of God at the center of Vertigo's "Preacher"—has a little-known secret: he frequently confides in an imaginary version of old Western actor John Wayne. Campbell, already the master of cameos, would be right at home filling the iconic cowboy's boots.

As Wayne's face is mostly obscured throughout "Preacher," Campbell would only have to master the actor's voice, which I think he could pull off fantastically. Moreover, Wayne's role in "Preacher" is already larger-than-life and more than a little bit cheesy—as far as I'm concerned, those are qualities that Bruce Campbell handles better than anybody else in the movie business.

KILOWOGKILOWOG: Speaking of larger than life, the Ryan Reynolds-starring "Green Lantern" is bound to focus on the space-faring Green Lantern Corps, if only briefly — which means we'll need a big, large-and-in-charge personality to take on the role of Kilowog, the massive pink alien with a proclivity towards tough love. Michael Madsen did a great job lending his voice to Kilowog in "Green Lantern: First Flight," but I'd love to see the reins passed off to Campbell for the live-action film.

Kilowog will presumably rely on heavy make-up and CGI, so the physical body behind the role isn't nearly as important as finding an actor to embody the bravado and guts of the character. With that in mind, Campbell seems like an obvious pick for this part, if only because watching him and Reynolds trade witty remarks would be absolutely fantastic.

WILDCATWILDCAT: Currently, plans for a "Justice Society of America" movie are either entirely unknown or non-existent — but assuming DC Entertainment gets their movie slate up-and-moving, such a film could exist in the not-too-far future. If and when that happens, I think Campbell would be perfect as Ted Grant, the boxer-turned-crimefighter known as Wildcat.

At 51 years old, Campbell is within the right age range for Wildcat. He also matches the character's gruff and fierce attitude, and that's not even mentioning their facial similarities. Really, the only major problem would be getting a JSA movie off the ground before Campbell ages too much further.

Your turn, readers! Name some comic book characters that you think Bruce Campbell should play, and make sure to tune in next week for another edition of Secret Identity!