EXCLUSIVE: Brian Bendis Explains How Thor And Iron Man Can Mix In The 'Avengers' Movie

Sure, we're all looking forward to Marvel's superhero team-up extravaganza "The Avengers" in 2012, but seeing Iron Man, Captain America and Thor on the screen together isn't the only reason it has fans excited.

"Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau recently wondered how the supernatural world of Thor would blend on the big screen with the reality-based universe Iron Man, and he's not alone in questioning how "Avengers" will handle this mix. So, when I had the chance to pose the question to "Avengers" comic book writer and one of the chief architects of the current Marvel Universe, Brian Bendis, I had to ask what advice he's giving the Marvel movie team when it comes to mixing Thor and Iron Man.

"My advice is, has been, and will be, that much like the comics, you look at movies like the 'Oceans' movies that have all these different flavors, you put the flavors together and you cook 'em," Bendis told MTV News. "It absolutely can be done."

"Look at 'The Great Escape' or other movies that have all these big elements to them, and even elements that don't seem that they would fit can rub up against each other in a very excellent way," he explained. "They really can create something you wouldn't even imagine you had before."

Bendis called this type of co-mingling of entirely different characters and their universes his "favorite stuff" when it comes to scripting super-teams in books like "New Avengers," which he's been writing since the title's first issue. He cited the relationship between Spider-Man and Luke Cage in the series as one in which two characters might have otherwise never been together in a project, but now have become one of readers' favorite pairings.

"It's funny, here are these two characters that have been in the same universe for 40 years, and all of a sudden they're Abbott and Costello," he laughed.

Bendis went on to reiterate his certainty that the culmination of the Marvel movie lineup will not only meet the lofty expectations of fans, but surprise them, too.

"Having read the 'Captain America' movie script and the 'Thor' movie scripts and 'Iron Man 2' and everything, and seeing them all develop, nothing is more exciting to me than the 'Avengers' movie," said Bendis. "It's absolutely going to be something better than— different than—anything we've seen before."

"I think the challenge is absolutely there," he said. "It's an immense amount of work, but the payoff will be gigantic."

How do you think they'll blend the worlds of Thor and Iron Man? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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