Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For 'Spider-Man 4,' Could The Lizard Be Far Off?

Dylan BakerWhen it comes to "Spider-Man 4," the upcoming superhero sequel directed by Sam Raimi, all eyes are on figuring out who the film's villains are going to be.

Based on the results of our recent poll, many Splash Page readers are hoping that the fourth "Spider-Man" outing finally focuses on The Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors' reptilian alter-ego that's been teased over the past several films. While Raimi himself previously said that the villain's story would likely be told eventually, he conceded that it might not happen in "Spider-Man 4."

Even though the Lizard's involvement still isn't a certainty, actor Dylan Baker—who played Connors in previous "Spider-Man" films—will indeed reprise his role in "Spider-Man 4," offering hope to fans of Spidey's scaly-skinned nemesis.

According to UGO, Baker confirmed his involvement in the fourth "Spider-Man" film during a question and answer session following a screening of horror movie "Trick 'r Treat" in New York City yesterday evening. Some confusion arose, however, when the film's director Michael Dougherty joked that Baker would essentially remain a background character—an assessment that Baker acknowledged as likely.

It's unclear whether Dougherty and Baker were joking about the actor's level of importance in "Spider-Man 4"—the "Trick 'r Treat" filmmaker referred to Baker's continued role as Connors as a "c---tease for another year"—or if they were simply trying to throw the audience off the scent.

Regardless, Baker's attachment to "Spider-Man 4" means that The Lizard is at least a possible contender for the film's villainous role, if not the current frontrunner.

Do you think Baker's return means that Spider-Man will finally square off against The Lizard? Let us know what you think in the comments section!