Dave McKean Reveals Animated 'Cages' Film In The Works

CagesDave McKean, the comic artist and graphic novelist best known for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman, announced this morning that he's in the early stages of bringing his book "Cages" to film. The seasoned creator who directed and co-wrote "MirrorMask" with Gaiman, will likely do at least as much for "Cages."

"Great first meeting about 'Cages' film; a long term possibility, but good to know all interested parties are on the same page," McKean posted on his Twitter account.

The telephone-book-sized hardcover, which McKean published through Kitchen Sink and NBM, covers a muliplot narrative about cats and the creative inhabitants of an apartment building, among other things. The iconic "Sandman" cover artist serialized the tale before eventually collecting it in its ultimate state, which he now wants to animate.

"I would be adapting [and] directing," he explained. "I did 'Cages' 20 [years] ago, think it could grow into unusual animated film."

Who he'll be working with is not clear yet, but McKean has a respectable track record coming away from "MirrorMask" and his decades of award-winning work in the comic book industry. He's also contributed recognizable album covers for Counting Crows, Tori Amos and Alice Cooper.

Whittling down the volume of story contained in "Cages," however, will be an impressive process to watch unfold, though, no doubt, as the book stands at nearly 500 pages.

Have you read Dave McKean's "Cages" graphic novel? Which story elements would you like to see him focus on in a feature length animated production? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.