'Akira,' Dave McKean's 'Cages' Movie, And Inviting Brian Bendis To School In Today's Twitter Report

CagesDave McKean proved that his award-winning artwork can go for the long haul in his feature length movie "MirrorMask" with Neil Gaiman. Now, it sound like he's taken a step forward with adapting his own graphic novel "Cages," according to a tweet this morning.

Meanwhile, Brian Michael Bendis received an old-fashioned fan letter in the mail inviting him to appear at a 10-year-old's school. Unfortunately, there's a sad twist to the story. Find out about that, along with who Edgar Wright saw "Akira" with in 1989, where Steve Lieber's currently trying to obtain a new passport, and what terrible dreams about "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" plagued Jonathan Hickman last night.

It's all in the Twitter Report for October 21, 2009.

@DaveMcKean Great first meeting about Cages film; a long term possibility, but good to know all interested parties are on the same page.

-Dave McKean, Writer/Artist ("The Sandman," "Cages")

@BRIANMBENDIS truly great snail mail letter from a 10 year old inviting me to his school. no return info. sad.

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

@edgarwright Plus me and @simonpegg were both at the UK premiere of AKIRA at the Watershed in Bristol in '89. We did not know each other yet, either.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

@steve_lieber Travel tip: a water-damaged passport=adventure. When you try to replace it, you will avoid the typical tourist's experience.

-Steve Lieber, Artist ("Whiteout," "Detective Comics")

@Jeffparker Lieber is in France, going to get his passport replaced. You know who else would have a good time in France? ME.

-Jeff Parker, Writer ("Agents of Atlas," "Underground")

@JHickman Feel asleep watching Transformers 2. Had robot sex dreams. When ejaculating, they made the Decepticon sound. Prime said, wake up.

-Jonathan Hickman, Writer ("Fantastic Four," "The Nightly News")

@Templesmith I hate filling out US tax forms. Ungh. Why? Well, Aussie ones suck too but at least they have competent graphic designers make most of them.

-Ben Templesmith, Writer/Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")


-Brandon Jerwa, Writer ("Highlander," "Battlestar Galactica")

@Paul_Cornell loved Stargate Universe with increased passion last night. Loved the 'unprofessional not to listen to Rush' moment. Pros, not friends.

-Paul Cornell, Writer ("Wisdom," "Captain Britain and MI: 13")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@ErikJLarsen In case you're wondering-- if you're weraing a rug-- YES, everybody CAN tell. You're not fooling anybody. Just looking out for you, man.

-Erik Larsen, Writer/Artist ("Savage Dragon," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

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