'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten To Go Superhero For 'Griff The Invisible'

Ryan KwantenFrom Anna Paquin's history with "X-Men" to Stephen Moyer's upcoming turn in "Priest" — not to mention Alexander Skarsgård's near-miss with "Thor" — the cast of "True Blood" is starting to realize that as cool as vampires are, nothing beats the comic book scene.

Now, it appears that Ryan Kwanten — who plays the dim-witted Jason Stackhouse on the HBO vampire drama — is getting in on the action, as Moviehole reports that the Australian-born actor is shooting a superhero romantic comedy in Sydney titled "Griff the Invisible."

Not only does the film mark Kwanten's first official foray into the world of superheroes — though it's not the first time his name has appeared on Splash Page — it's also the directorial debut for the film's writer-director Leon Ford.

Speaking with Moviehole, Ford described "Griff" as a cross between the superhero and comedy genres, with a central romantic subplot focusing on "two very unique individuals finding each other and giving the other the strength to be what they want to be."

"By day, Griff works in an office," Kwanten said of his character. "By night, he is a superhero — or is he? It was this question that attracted me to the role. Griff is such an original and boundless character to play.

"Every boy dreams of being a superhero and I've accepted my mission to bring this one to life," he added.

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