New 'Smallville' Heroes, 'The Losers' Poster And Batman's Dog In Today's Twitter Report

The Losers"Smallville" will be getting a new injection of cast members with Stargirl, Hawkman and Doctor Fate joining the show, and Geoff Johns tweeted a few details last night that viewers will want to know—like whether Hawkman will have wings and how he and Green Arrow will get along.

Elsewhere, dedicated tweeter Andy Diggle slipped Jock a link to the artist's newly released "Losers" poster and Brian Keene pondered a pitch for Batman's pet, Ace the Bat-Hound.

Read on to check out each of those tweets, along with what Matt Fraction thinks Tony Stark should carry with him in case of near death. It's all in the Twitter Report for October 20, 2009.

@GeoffJohns0 Yes, Hawkman will have wings. And a big mace. Oh. And he and Green Arrow don't get along. At all.

-Geoff Johns, Writer ("Blackest Night," 'The Flash")

@jock4twenty RT @andydiggle: THE LOSERS poster made it to the LA Times --

-Jock, Artist ("The Losers," "Green Arrow: Year One")

@matt_sturges An issue of Blue Beetle that I wrote is visible in the comic shop on tonight's Big Bang Theory. Win!

-Matt Sturges, Writer ("Jack of Fables," "Blue Beetle")

@BrianKeene So... Ace the Bat Hound just wandered away after the Gotham earthquake in 'No Man's Land'? I think that's a story that needs to be examined.

-Brian Keene, Writer ("Dead of Night")

@smilinstanlee Just heard there'll be a Stan Lee Day next May in Las Vegas. They must have run out of people to honor. Wonder if it'll get me a free drink?

-Stan Lee, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "Ravage 2099")

@HackinTimSeeley There is a God. LOADED BIBLE: Jesus vs. Vampires trade is almost sold out. First printing now as rare as fart jokes in real Bible.

-Tim Seeley, Writer/Artist ("Hack/Slash," "New Exiles")

@mattfraction that's right. tony stark carries around a cassette tape of SEX PACKETS with him at all times in case he ever almost dies.

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Casanova," "Invincible Iron Man")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@reneengstrom Today I learned that hippo is latin for horse. Which explains why hippopotamus in Swedish is "river horse".

-Rene Engström, Writer/Artist ("Anders Loves Maria")

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