'Hottest Woman In The World' Olivia Wilde Talks Wonder Woman And Female Superheroes

We always try to find out about celebrities' comics savvy when they drop by MTV HQ, and it was no different when "House M.D." actress Olivia Wilde dropped by to promote her role on the television series and the upcoming "Tron Legacy" movie. Voted the "Hottest Woman in the World" by Maxim Magazine, Wilde didn't do anything to shake off that title when she stopped to chat about the geekery she spotted around my desk (a.k.a. Splash Page HQ) on her way out of the newsroom.

While she certainly doesn't drop by her local comics shop each week, she did have a fun story about her earliest comics-related memory: a fascination with Wonder Woman fed by the presence of the real-life Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, in her neighborhood.

"When I was little, I wanted to be Wonder Woman," Wilde told MTV News. "And the real Wonder Woman lived on our block. So I used to go and knock on her door in my Wonder Woman costume with the cuffs and the boots, and hope that she would recognize that I was her protege and bring me up as Wonder Girl."

"It never happened, probably because every little girl showed up at her house as Wonder Woman," she laughed.

"Yet, it was still inspiring to have a character out there that I could look up to as a powerful woman, who's not a man's assistant," she explained. "And I think that's the kind of role I'd love to play in those movies. I think any sort of awesome, kick-ass, powerful woman is great for little girls."

"When we did 'Tron,' I tried to create that character as someone girls everywhere will hopefully say, 'Yeah, I want to be her!'" she laughed.

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