'Lobo' Casting Poll Names James Preston Rogers Fans' Favorite Czarnian

James Preston RogersThe poll results are arriving a day late this week due to yesterday's glut of comic book movie news, but we're not ones to complain about a good thing when it comes to updates on projects like "Thor," "Iron Man 2" and "Spider-Man 4." However, it's an entirely different sort of comic book movie that we asked fans to cast last week—and much like our Wonder Woman poll from a while back, the winner of our "Lobo" casting poll has a loyal fan following that played no small part in determining the winner.

In the end, former "Thor" hopeful James Preston Rogers was named MTV readers' favorite choice for the role of DC's Main Man, Lobo. The musclebound actor is probably best known for his role as a hulking barbarian in the vikings-vs-aliens film "Outlander," but he was also the subject of an extremely active fan campaign to cast him in the lead role for Kenneth Branagh's "Thor." And based on looks alone, he seems a good fit for the blue-skinned bounty hunter.

With 55 percent of the total votes, Rogers stood head-and-shoulders above the rest of the poll's candidates just as much as he would in a real-life crowd, easily surpassing Kevin Durand (17 percent) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (11percent).

Here's how the poll results played out:

James Preston Rogers: 55%

Kevin Durand: 17%

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: 11%

Mickey Rourke: 4%

Christopher Meloni: 3%

Gerard Butler: 3%

Danny Trejo: 2%

Vinnie Jones: 2%

Ron Perlman: 1%

Jason Statham: 1%

Other: 2%

Among the notable write-in candidates for the role were "The Program" actor Andrew Bryniarski (who played the character in the 2002 short film "The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special"), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and my favorite bizarre-yet-kinda-appropriate candidate, Glenn Danzig.

Here's some of what readers had to say about the poll:

Marie: James Preston Rogers must be Lobo, cause has the physical, is young, has talent and presence. He will do a good job with that character because he is a good actor , is a fresh face and he deserves this opportunity. Often there is so talented and willing to take the role. I would like to see him in this film because it is the only one who can embody as it is this character. There is nothing to think James Preston Rogers is 100% suitable.

Ivan: I think Kevin Durand should definitely get this role, cause he is massive and he is always a bad ass. He is always a supporting actor to some guys who can't act as well as him and it will be cool to see him play a role that seems to be made for him. I vote Durand.

@BongzBerry: JDM, Meloni, Jones, Perlman, Trejo. We Got Problem Here, All Are Too OLD To Play Lobo. Let's Go For Younger Bucks !

theboogieman631: Danny Trejo all the way! I mean just look at the guy. This would be the perfect project for him after Machete drops next year.

BFisch: Jeffrey Dean Morgan all the way, he seems perfect for the role. He was awesome as the Comedian, that role made him one of my favorite actors.

Doogalis: I've read every issue the ever had Lobo in it going back to his first appearance in Omega Men. James Preston Rogers is the only logical choice in my opinion.

@Behrd: when I first saw the picture of Lobo, I thought to myself "Is this Rob Zombie?" Hahaha.

Natasha: KEVIN DURAND will totally nail this role. Anyone who has researched his previous work will know that he is not only a GIANT with the meanest stare and intimidating posture, he is a multi-faceted actor who has paid his dues as supporting actor and it is high time the world is introduced to this badass' charisma and skill....not to mention his ability to play icy, brute violence down to a T. He is a fresh face to lead casting, but established enough for any decent casting director to KNOW he can pull off LOBO in spades!!

@meltdowncomics: COME ON, easy! GLENN DANZIG or the BIZ!

Tammy: James was born to play this character. I very much hope this is the one he gets. He stood out for me after only three eposides on Zos. And I beleive he can carry a feature film with out having a big hollywood star carry the movie. But if not James who I adore, Vinnie Jones, sorry James... I'm voting for you like crazy

So, there you have it, folks! Keep an eye on Splash Page today for our next weekly poll!