'Green Lantern' Movie Leading Up To 'Justice League' Film?

Green LanternThe color green turned on Hal Jordan recently when "Green Lantern" had to pull out of its Australian shooting locations due to economic issues—but it appears that a new location may already be locked in for the DC Comics adaptation, and it's not Mexico as some had guessed.

According to The Times-Picayune, "Green Lantern" could very well lens in New Orleans, Louisiana. The manager of studio operations at the New Orleans-based Second Line Stages reported that producers for "Green Lantern" have contacted him about the studio space, and that "'Green Lantern' production offices could be set up in town as early as this week."

If the move pans out, it's great to hear that "Green Lantern" has already bounced back with a new location. Still, that's not the only interesting bit of news buried in the Times-Picayune's article, which posits an interesting rumor about DC's on-screen plans for a "Justice League" movie.

Towards the article's end, "Green Lantern" is mentioned as "the first in a trilogy of films focusing on DC's Justice League heroes—the others being 'The Flash' and 'Wonder Woman'—before uniting all three with fellow League members Batman, Superman and Aquaman for a Justice League movie."

The formation of DC Entertainment led us to speculate on which movies the company needs to focus on going forward, and it sounds like their ideas are much in line with ours.

If "Green Lantern" is truly paving the way towards "Justice League" alongside "Wonder Woman" and "The Flash," then the folks at Marvel Studios might need to watch their backs — they won't be the only comic book movie company with film-to-film continuity.

Do you think "Green Lantern" should head to New Orleans? What do you think of the rumors that Warner Bros. is driving towards a "Justice League" movie ala Marvel's plans with "The Avengers"? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!