EXCLUSIVE: Brian Bendis Reveals Marvel's 'Ultimate Enemy'

Anyone who follows Splash Page on Twitter is already aware that one of the chief architects of the Marvel Universe, Brian Bendis, dropped by MTV HQ last week. My conversation with Bendis covered a wide variety of topics, including the just-announced "Ultimate Enemy" event he's scripting with artist Rafa Sandoval.

Along with revealing some details about the shape "Ultimate Enemy" will take when it kicks off in January, Bendis also offered up his take on where the event will leave Marvel's Ultimate universe, and who the major players will be in the miniseries.

"A new enemy brings forth a big mystery, and certain pinpoints of the Marvel universe are attacked by some grandiose villainy," explained Bendis of the story that will unfold in three, four-issue miniseries that combine to form the "Ultimate Enemy" event.

According to the writer, the three stories will be titled "Ultimate Enemy," "Ultimate Mystery," and finally, "Ultimate Doom."

Whether the title of that last miniseries reveals anything about one of its chief villains remains to be seen, but Bendis did reveal some of the major players in the series—specifically, "the whole cast of Spider-Man, what's left of the Fantastic Four, Nick Fury and all kinds of other characters."

Bendis compared the "Ultimate Enemy" event to the 2004-2006 "Ultimate Galactus" event written by Warren Ellis, which introduced Marvel's most famous planet-eater to the Ultimate Universe.

After re-booting its Ultimate Universe recently, there's still much ground to be covered with the "Ultimate" versions of many of the publisher's characters. With many of the Marvel movies basing characters and storylines on these versions of the characters, there's little doubt that big things are in store for this corner of the Marvel Universe.

"It's a really big, whopping mystery," said Bendis.

"Ultimate Enemy" kicks off in January, featuring a story by Brian Bendis, interior art by Rafa Sandoval and covers by Ed McGuiness.

Ultimate Enemy

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