Dominic Cooper To Join 'Thor' Cast As Fandral?

Dominic CooperIf the possible double-whammy of Jude Law and Robert De Niro joining the cast of "Thor" isn't good enough for you, don't worry—here's another actor's name to throw into the rumor mill.

In an interview with Movieline, British actor Dominic Cooper was asked if he had been approached to play a role in "Thor," the Kenneth Branagh-directed film about Marvel's God of Thunder. The question seemed to come out of left field, but journalist Kyle Buchanan actually had good cause to investigate the matter as Cooper was holding script sides from "Thor" during the interview.

"You know! You're looking at these very confidential pages," Cooper confessed after getting caught with the script sides. "It says 'confidential,' Kyle!"

Specifically, Cooper was asked if he'd be playing the role of Fandral the Dashing, an Asgardian warrior and ally of Thor's. It appears that the question was asked because Cooper's script sides pertained specifically to the role of Fandral.

Even though Cooper was caught with his proverbial pants down, the actor made it clear that no deals have been finalized with Marvel Studios—but he has indeed been in touch about a possible role in the movie.

If Cooper doesn't wind up nabbing the role of Fandral, could this be a part for Jude Law? His physique certainly matches Fandral's, and it's the only major role still open to an actor of Law's caliber off the top of my head.

Verily, the plot thickens...

What do you think of Dominic Cooper's surprise confession regarding "Thor"? Do you think think he'll land the role of Fandral? Will it go to Law? Maybe somebody else? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!