New 'Astro Boy' Images And Clips Hit The 'Net

"Astro Boy" arrives in theaters this Friday, and the studio tag-team behind it have begun releasing a variety of images from the film and new clips to whet fans' appetites for the adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's classic character.

The latest batch of shots and footage not only contains some cool images from the film, but it also features two of my favorite scenes in the film: Astro Boy's battle with a host of robot gladiators, and his showdown with a nasty, mammoth-sized 'bot in which he discovers that he has machine guns... in his butt.

First, here's that clip of Astro Boy discovering his butt-mounted machine guns:

And for the full gallery of new "Astro Boy" images, click on the image below:

Astro Boy

"Astro Boy" hits theaters this Friday, October 23.

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