'Hack/Slash' Producers Say Casting Announcement Is Coming 'Pretty Soon'

Hack/SlashNot long ago, a little movie called "Eve" was announced with eerie similarities to "Hack/Slash," the Devil's Due Publishing series created by Tim Seeley. While some fans were worried that "Eve" would derail development on a "Hack/Slash" movie, Seeley and the "Eve" helmer reconciled their differences to keep "Hack/Slash" on track.

Now, it sounds like things are really on track for the comic book adaptation, as Collider recently had the opportunity to speak with "Hack/Slash" producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter at this weekend's 2009 Scream Awards.

While details are currently being kept under wraps, Alter reaffirmed that a director has been chosen for "Hack/Slash" with other announcements soon to follow.

"We have an exciting director, a new director named Fredrick Bond," said Alter. "It's going to start [production] early next year."

Last we'd heard, "Hack/Slash" was slated for a winter of 2009 start date, but a short delay isn't the worst thing in the world — especially because we should be getting some casting news soon. While Alter wouldn't name any names, he hinted that such secrecy might not be necessary for much longer.

"Not yet, [but you'll hear casting news] pretty soon," he said.

What are the odds that the upcoming "Hack/Slash" casting news has anything to do with "Defendor" actress Kat Dennings' recently expressed interest in the role?

Despite declaring herself as a fan of comic book movies, Dennings said she didn't know how to go about landing a role in such a film — but if Alter and Askarieh are reading this, know that there is an up-and-coming young actress interested in joining your movie!

Who do you think will land the lead role in "Hack/Slash"? Is Dennings the right pick for the part? You tell us in the comments section below!