Are Robert DeNiro & Jude Law Joining The 'Thor' Cast?

Robert DeNiroThe cast for the Kenneth Branagh-directed "Thor" seems to be growing bigger and bigger with each passing week—and while this latest rumor is far from confirmed, it's certainly the project's most interesting potential casting news to date.

According to Ain't It Cool News, a recent interview with actor Matthias Schweighöfer in the German edition of GQ Magazine revealed that actors Jude Law and Robert DeNiro have joined the cast of "Thor" in unspecified roles. Schweighöfer himself allegedly auditioned for a role, though he merely stated that he is "in the running" for a part in the movie.

Of course, the potential involvement of DeNiro, Law and Schweighöfer should be taken strictly as a rumor for now—but that doesn't make the idea of these three actors booking a direct flight to Asgard any less fascinating.

Let's review the facts: so far, most of the major players in "Thor" have already been cast. Tom Hiddleston already landed the role of Thor's nemesis Loki, with Chris Hemsworth nabbing the lead shortly thereafter. Even Odin, the ruler of Asgard and Thor's father, is rumored to be occupied by Branagh regular Brian Blessed. Assuming all of that remains in place, it's hard to say who DeNiro, Law and Schweighöfer could possibly play in the film.

Even more confusing is the recent news that Colm Feore has a secretive villain role in the movie. Fandom is already perplexed enough as to who that actor could be playing, so adding this latest trio into the mix is only that much more mystifying.

Still, I wouldn't outright deny the possibility of this panning out. Law is a self-described comic book fan and DeNiro has a working history with Branagh — as weird as it sounds, both of them could well be headed to the Marvel movieverse.

Do you think DeNiro, Law and Schweighöfer have actually landed roles in "Thor"? Let us know your take on the rumor in the comments section!