'Avengers' Directors, A 'True Blood' Writer, And Hugh Jackman's Gift: It's The Back-Issue Bin!

AvengersIt was wild week around Splash Page HQ, and that's not even counting the balloon-boy craziness outside the comics world. Bizarre stories were all the rage this week, but a couple of updates about much-anticipated blockbusters also found their way into the week's top posts.

Here's how the Top 10 for this week looked:

10. Can any actor bring DC's Main Man to the screen properly? We picked five actors who could play Lobo in a live-action movie.

9. Here's who we think should direct "The Avengers" now that Jon Favreau is out of the mix!

8. Remember "Batman & Robin"? Yeah, we try to forget it, too. However, Alicia Silverstone has much fonder memories of the film.

7. "True Blood" actor Mike McMillian told us all about his new comic book, "Lucid."

6. Will Sam Raimi be back for "Spider-Man 5" and "Spider-Man 6"? We asked him!

5. Here's who we think could play a young Magneto in the "X-Men Origins" movie... if ever gets made.

4. Will we see a comic book written by Michael Jackson next year?

3. Sam Raimi told us about the "Spider-Man 4" villains—or at least as much as he could tell us, anyways.

2. Sorry, folks—Jon Favreau won't be directing "The Avengers."

And for the story that snagged top honors...

1. Okay, so it wasn't a Wolverine blow-up doll Hugh Jackman was seen carrying—but it sure looked like one!

Told you it was a wild week!

But seriously... the Wolverine blow-up doll was the week's top story? I'm sorry, everyone... I'm so sorry. Let's all do better next week.