'30 Days Of Night' Creator Wants Melissa George To Return For Sequel

Melissa GeorgeThe fact that "30 Days of Night" wasn't a smashing success at the box office isn't necessarily an indicator that a sequel film is off limits—on the contrary, a follow-up to the comic book adaptation is about to go into production.

Any day now, "30 Days of Night: Dark Days" will start shooting in Vancouver with director Ben Ketai at the helm.

"30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles attended Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend and spoke with Comics Continuum about the upcoming movie, saying that they have one priority in mind right now: casting the film's lead.

"Dark Days" focuses on Stella Oleson, the female lead of the original "30 Days of Night" film, as she travels to Los Angeles to wreak vengeful havoc upon the vampires that destroyed her town and led her husband to his death. Stella was played by Melissa George in the film, and while recent rumors suggested that the role would be recast, that's certainly not Niles' hope.

"What we want to do is try to get Melissa back," the comics creater said. "Basically, she's the only survivor of the first movie, really, so there weren't that many people to bring back because they got killed. So we're going to try that, and all the other casting is new characters. We're actively doing that right now."

Niles and the rest of the "Dark Days" creative team will have to work quickly, as the "30 Days of Night" sequel is gearing up to begin shooting in Vancouver within the month.

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