Aspen President Offers 'Soulfire,' 'Dellec' And 'Executive Assistant: Iris' Movie Updates

SoulfireEven though the Megan Fox-starring "Fathom" is currently Aspen MLT's highest-profile comic book adaptation, it's certainly not the only leap from paneled page to film reel that the comic publisher has in the works.

Aspen president Frank Mastromauro spoke with Comics Continuum at this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con and offered updates on some of the publisher's non-"Fathom" properties.

Specifically, Mastromauro said there is plenty of movement on "Soulfire," a comic book that focuses on a world where magic once thrived but has since gone extinct.

"It's out right now to different writers," Mastromauro said of the movie's status. "We're going to start taking meetings within the next few weeks. We're going to start going over story ideas and getting everything rolling on that, so within the next several months hopefuly we'll have a script going and start going up to people to be in the 'Soulfire' movie."

Mastromauro also provided news on "Dellec" and "Executive Assistant: Iris," two of Aspen's newest properties. While Aspen founder Michael Turner had a hand in each of these comics, both projects were published almost a year after his tragic passing.

"Dellec" focuses on a man on a vengeance quest against God after learning that the devil never existed and evil is just God's ploy to keep mankind in check. "Iris," meanwhile, is a much more reality-based comic that centers on a female assassin in China that also works as an executive assistant.

"We've had some really good meetings on that for ancillary movie stuff," Mastromauro said of those films. "I really think we'll have some very positive things in the short future for that."

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