In 'The Dark Knight Kills Christmas,' Batman Wants Justice... And A Side Of Spaghetti

Batman"The Dark Knight" is one of the most beloved comic book movies of all time, thanks in large part to the Oscar-winning performance of Heath Ledger as Joker—a performance that's inspired plenty of parodies lately.

Recently, we highlighted The Joker Blogs, a series of videos that feature one of the greatest impressions of Ledger's Joker to hit the online circuit. But what's the point of such an accurate Clown Prince of Crime without an equally capable Caped Crusader?

Of all the impressions of Christian Bale's gravely-voiced Batman I've seen, only one strikes me as worthy of standing cowl-to-purple jumper with The Joker Blogs. If you're a fan of that video series, then you're gonna love Max, the star of "The Dark Knight Kills Christmas."

While The Joker Blogs nailed down Ledger's physicality, this kid has completely (and hilariously) mastered Bale's Batman voice. Max, the young menace at the center of "The Dark Knight Kills Christmas," gleefully wreaks havoc around his suburban home with the Dark Knight's cowl and signature growl—and while he might strike fear into the heart of his mother and his cosplaying nemesis, he inspires nothing but gut-bursting laughter from me.

The video was originally posted on December 11, 2008, which means we're almost a year away from the one year anniversary of "The Dark Knight Kills Christmas." Max, if you're reading this, is it too much to ask for a sequel come December? That's all I really want for Christmas this year.

That, and justice—with a side of spaghetti.

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