Brian Bendis Says 'Thor' Script Is 'Very, Very Good'

ThorDuring a panel at last weekend’s Baltimore Comic-Con, "New Avengers" writer Brian Michael Bendis fielded some questions about the upcoming slate of Marvel movies and offered a ringing endorsement of the script for Kenneth Branagh's upcoming "Thor" movie

"I was reading the new script just last night," Bendis told fans, according to a ComicBookResources report on the event. "[It was] very, very good."

Bendis’ comments came shortly after a G4 interview in which he stated that the "Thor" movie would be the surprise hit out of all of the upcoming Marvel movies. Bendis reiterated his description of Branagh’s vision for “Thor” as “Shakespearean.”

The “Thor” movie has dominated the film news cycle in recent months as Chris Hemsworth stepped into the role almost immediately after his memorable turn in “Star Trek," followed by Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore and more recently Stellan Skarsgård.

Bendis’ comic book plans for “The New Avengers” may also play a part in the buildup towards the “Avengers” movie. On Monday, Marvel announced that Bendis will be re-teaming his "House of M" artist, Olivier Copiel on “Siege”, a four-issue miniseries that will reunite several founding members of the Avengers including the original Captain America, Thor and Iron Man for the first time in nearly ten years.

Does Bendis’ endorsement of “Thor” make you more excited to see it? Do you think the events in “Siege” are happening to line everything in the comics up for the “Avengers” movie? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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