Is Gary Ross Leaving 'Venom' For 'Matt Helm'?

VenomNot so fast, Venom—the longtime rival of Peter Parker's might have to wait a bit for his first solo film, particularly if he wants to swing into theaters with Gary Ross by his side.

The Playlist reports that Ross—the screenwriter behind the latest "Spider-Man 4" draft, as well as the newly appointed screenwriter and possible director of "Venom"—has been tapped to replace Steven Spielberg as the director for "Matt Helm," based on the spy-centric novel series from Donald Hamilton.

Should the news pan out, Ross's directorial attachment to "Venom" might be in question. Certainly, the superhero project would have to wait—the Playlist notes that "Matt Helm" will shoot first in the summer of 2010 should all go according to schedule.

Ross's attachment to "Spider-Man 4" and "Venom" was already considered a strange development by many due to the fact that his resume lacked some serious action movie experience. His involvement in a spy franchise is no less odd, but perhaps it's a safer training ground for the director before cutting his teeth on a superhero project like "Venom." Still, his attachment to the "Spider-Man" spinoff after this development remains to be seen.

Interestingly, former "Green Lantern" contender Bradley Cooper is being touted as the top contender for "Matt Helm." If Cooper lands the part and hits it off with Ross, maybe he'll wind up taking over the symbiotic mantel from former Venom actor Topher Grace—although I think that many fans, myself included, would prefer a bulkier actor in the role.

Which movie should Ross latch onto, "Venom" or "Matt Helm"? Do you see this as a signal that the "Venom" movie should be put off, or would you rather it go to another director? Give us your opinion in the comments section!

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