Deadpool And Lobo Top 'R'-Rated Movie Poll!

DeadpoolWhile this week's poll was a bit more subdued than last week's "Spider-Man 4" villain blowout, readers still crowded in to registered their opinion on which comic book movie they'd like to see with an "R" rating.

In the end, Marvel's "Merc With A Mouth" earned the most votes, but Deadpool was followed close behind by DC's "Main Man," Lobo. Possibly most interesting, however, was the fact that the third most popular option in the poll was a very clear "None of the Above."

According to 15 percent of Splash Page readers, the script and filmmaker outweigh any concerns over the intended audience for a film—which makes a lot of sense, of course. Read on for a look at how the numbers added up after all the votes were tallied.


Deadpool: 22%

Lobo: 19%

None - It Depends On The Script/Filmmaker: 15%

Wolverine: 10%

Ghost Rider: 8%

Batman: 8%

Daredevil: 6%

Judge Dredd: 3%

Spider-Man: 1%

Superman: 1%

Hellboy: 0%

Other Answer: 7%

While Deadpool and Lobo occupied the top spots, a number of other characters and series were represented in the write-in category, including "Preacher" (which I should've included from the start), Punisher and Marvel's other (albeit significantly more schizophrenic) vigilante, Moon Knight.

Here's what readers had to say about why they voted the way they did:

BFisch: I say Lobo...I mean look at the guy. I've heard rumblings about a rated "R" Deadpool, but look at The Dark Knight-excellent movie and skimmed the lines of PG-13 to R. Its possible to make a dark movie without it getting the R rating.

@Behrd: Wolverine needs an R rating. In the comics he's a killing machine and makes blood go everywhere. He needs a second chance.

KissMyConverse: There is absolutely no way to have a faithful Lobo film and it be PG-13. Just the mere mention of Lobo and PG-13 in the same sentence has probably opened a portal to hell somewhere on this planet. Make it R rated and bring on the fragging!!!!

Shane: There have been intrest over the years in developing a Preacher movie, sadly all have failed. However, if it ever does happen I hope they dont skimp on the blasphemy.

Toast-Jammer: No matter how I felt, I had to click on the "depends on the script/filmmaker", because that seems the best way to judge these things. I still don't get why people think LOBO is an "adult" character. He doesn't swear, and his violence is over-the-top Itchy & Scratchy style violence. He was on the JLA cartoon! He's a "mean space biker" for kids, no matter how hard that is for his fans to deal with. Still, I prefer R rated movies to PG, for the most part.

@thehsxdude: Cloak And Daggar - she needs to be sexy, he needs to be scary (action and look), they come from the really bad side of town

@utopiangem: None NEED an R rating. R comes from graphic violence drugs and sex.That can't replace a solid script & good characterization.

DeadPOOL: I'd love to see a R rated Wolerine... But that's never going to happen. :(

The_Metal_Head: Deadpool could get away with a PG-13 rating and be a good movie if they get Joe Kelly on board!!! Deadpool is funny with a bit, a giant bit, of violence. I voted other. Old Man Logan needs a R rating.

So, there you have it, folks. That's how the votes—and comments from readers—panned out.

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