Hugh Jackman And His Wolverine Blow-Up Doll

There's really not much to write after a headline like that, is there? Sure, you can offer the "why," "where" and "when," but it's almost better just to leave it at "Hugh Jackman and the Wolverine Blow-Up Doll" and move on. Trust me—that's the subject of the e-mail I received with the photo, and I'm stickin' with it.

Hugh Jackman and Wolverine

However, for those of you who do want to know why the "Wolverine" star was seen with what looks to be a large, blow-up (or possibly paper mache—I've never been the arts-and-crafts type) figure of his "X-Men" movie character, keep reading. I warn you, though: It's not as fun as the story you're imagining right now.

According to the photo provider, the picture above features Hugh Jackman and a massive Wolverine doll he received from fans outside the Schoenfeld Theater in New York City. He received the gift after a recent performance of his Broadway drama "A Steady Rain," in which he stars alongside "James Bond" actor Daniel Craig.

See? Not as fun as the story you made up about it, was it?

Just had to share that photo, folks. Because it's that kind of day.

[UPDATE: Splash Page reader Myra points out that this is not in fact a blow-up doll, and is in fact "a pinata that was given to him for his birthday. He got it yesterday after the show because there are no shows on Mondays and today is his birthday." So, there you go—mystery solved!]

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