Anvil To Appear In 'Green Hornet'?

AnvilSeth Rogen and Jay Chou may be getting some heavy metal backup from the Oscar-hopeful band Anvil in "The Green Hornet." The group's appearance in the 2010 film appears to have been leaked in an overview of their busy schedule and indie documentary "Anvil! The Story of Anvil." Their recent calendar purportedly included a Conan O'Brien appearance, followed by their movie debut in Michel Gondry's new hero film.

Beware of minor spoilers before reading on, but according to the L.A. Times, Anvil performed in a scene that featured them exploding on stage at a rock club.

The aging Canadian band, who parlayed their documentary's success into a comeback, has since opened for AC/DC and performed at Giant Stadium two months ago. The L.A. Times report doesn't say whether they'll be playing themselves in Gondry's "Green Hornet," or whether or not they'll even be playing a modern metal band. It only mentions their spontaneous combustion during the cameo.

Exactly when the film takes place has not yet been established, but such details could eventually provide further clues. The other big question their collaboration with Gondry poses is whether or not they'll be appearing on the film's soundtrack. They just released their thirteenth album "This is Thirteen" in September, so they're definitely still recording.

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