'Gravel' Optioned, Warren Ellis To Write And Produce Big-Screen Adaptation

Gravel“Gravel,” the comic book series by writer Warren Ellis and artist Mike Wolfer, has been optioned by "Superman Returns" producers Legendary Pictures–and the acclaimed writer will apparently be taking a much more active role in the project than he has with some of his previously optioned books.

According to Variety, Ellis will write the first draft of the “Gravel," screenplay, which is based on a series of limited and ongoing series published by Avatar Press and created by Ellis and artist Mike Wolfer. Ellis will also be an executive producer on the film.

"Gravel" follows a a soldier in the British S.A.S. who moonlights as a for-hire “combat magician." Ellis debuted the main character, William Gravel, during the 1999 “Strange Kiss” miniseries, which was followed by “Stranger Kisses”, “Strange Killings” and the subsequent ongoing “Gravel” series.

Possibly best known for his work on the popular series “Planetary,” “The Authority,” "Transmetropolitan" and “Astonishing X-Men,” Ellis has been increasingly in demand in Hollywood this year, following his work on the Marvel Anime adaptations of “Wolverine” and “Iron Man” and the currently in-development adaptations of his series “Ocean” and “Red."

While Robert Schwentke–the director of “Red”–has previously stated that the film adaptation will be “very funny, which the comic book isn’t,” the adaptation of “Gravel” will most likely stay closer to the source material, given Ellis’ direct involvement.

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