Brian Bendis Offers Updates On 'Powers' TV Series, 'Thor' And 'Avengers' Movies

PowersEarlier this year, it was announced that Brian Michael Bendis“Powers” had been optioned as a pilot for FX. And now it appears that the project has taken significant steps forward.

In an interview with G4, Bendis revealed that while the “Powers” TV pilot hasn’t yet been given the green light to shoot, a showrunner and a director are firmly on board.

“Kevin Falls is our showrunner,” said Bendis. “[He] is the Emmy award-winning producer of 'West Wing' and 'Sports Night.' Much higher up on the food chain than I thought we were going to get. Our director is Michael Dinner, who directed the 'Bionic Woman' pilot and 'Sons of Anarchy.'"

Bendis also shared some details about the Marvel Creative committee—including Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Dan Buckley and Kevin Feige—that recently met to talk about the “Avengers” movie.

“That was probably the most fun I’ve had,” exclaimed Bendis. “We had a really good time talking about the characters and how they’ll interact and who the villain is… and what the point of it is. It’s way cool. I can’t even believe it.”

Bendis went on to explain why he believes the “Thor” movie will be the biggest surprise of Marvel’s upcoming film slate:

“'Thor' is an extravaganza,” said Bendis. “The artwork is unbelievable… They flew us all here because Kenneth Branagh wanted to tell us his 'Thor' movie and he pitched it live. It was Shakespearean and went on for hours.”

“He wasn’t high-selling it,” continued Bendis. “He is an actor and he just sold it. I looked to Joe [Quesada] and went ‘Isn’t this fun?’ When he was done, we were like ‘Great! You should do that!’”

Additionally, Bendis spoke about “Powers” impending return to comics, a new color edition of “Fortune and Glory” and his upcoming “Siege” Marvel event miniseries with artist Olivier Coipel.

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