Hugh Jackman Defends 'Wolverine' To Katie Couric, Discusses Plans For Japan Sequel

Hugh Jackman - WolverineCBS News anchor extraordinaire Katie Couric has a startling confession to make: she's not exactly a fan of Wolverine.

The journalist admitted as much in a recent interview with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman, revealing that she isn't quite the comic book adaptation's target demographic. But Jackman insisted that there are plenty of reasons that Couric—and anybody, really—would have a good time with the "Wolverine" franchise.

"Why would you miss [out on] it?" he argued. "A little bit of nudity, I get all of my rage issues out... any rage issues I have are gone! Yeah, you do [have fun]. I wouldn't make them otherwise."

Jackman even said that viewers of the franchise from all ages and demographics have expressed their support for his work as Marvel's clawed mutant.

"It still amazes me that people come up to me from all over the place, all different types of people and all different types of demographics," he said. "It's always strange to me though when people say, 'Oh, my son loves it!' And I go, 'How old is your son?' And they go, 'Three!' I'm slicing people's heads off here!"

As for future installments of the "Wolverine" franchise, Jackman reinforced earlier comments that he's hoping to bring Logan to Japan.

"The whole time from when I began, the one story line that I went and said, 'That's a movie!' while I was reading the comic books, was this whole saga in Japan," he described. "It's really beautiful, different and fantastic. I thought, 'That's a movie.' Now, we've done four movies and we haven't done it yet, so I'm working on that script now. If that comes up to being what I thought it might be, I'll do that."

While Jackman admitted that he couldn't continue playing Wolverine forever, he nevertheless always comes back for more.

"I always say, 'oh, I'm never doing another one,' until I see the script. It has to be something. But in the superhero world, those kind of movies, 'Wolverine' is by far the most interesting," he confessed. "So I'll do eleven more and that's it!"

Are you surprised that Couric isn't Wolverine's number one fan? Do you agree with Jackman's argument on Logan's behalf? Is the Japan outing exciting for you or are you nervous about how it'll translate to the big screen?

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