Gerard Butler In For '300' Sequel, But Unsure 'How Real It Is'

A sequel to “300” is ludicrous, unwarranted, impossible—and perhaps somewhat brilliant. Which is why everyone from Frank Miller to Zack Snyder toMark Canton avoid killing the proposed sequel, but nonetheless insist that if Miller can make it work, they’re in. Now, count in another co-collaborator: King Leonidas.

“I had an incredible time doing the first one, and I think that if the first one was a stand-alone, as a one-off, there’s no bad thing in that,” explained Gerard Butler when we caught up with him recently, saying he’d be willing to bring his character back to life—even if it meant re-animating arguably the most dead person in movie history (remember all those spears?). “But, you know, let’s see what it might bring forward with a second one.”

That said, Butler—who will be seen again on screen next week in F. Gary Gray’s revenge drama “Law Abiding Citizen”—said that he has heard little about it from anyone official. In fact, it’s only fans and journalists who seem to be keeping him up-to-date on the flick, which I’m really, really hoping would be called “301.”

“I don’t know how real it is,” admitted the star.

Arguably the biggest surprise hit of 2007, “300” was based on Miller’s highly-stylized depiction of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae. Shot largely with green-screens on near-empty soundstages, the groundbreaking flick cost $65 million to make and took in $70 million on its opening weekend, on the way to a $210 million domestic gross. Starring then-relative-unknowns Butler, Lena Headey, Michael Fassbender and Rodrigo Santoro, any sequel that would return their characters to life would most likely be a prequel.

What do you think? Should Gerard Butler continue keeping his schedule open for a “300” sequel shoot, or is it time to officially trade in the codpiece?