Woody Harrelson On 'Defendor' And His Comic Book History (Or Lack Thereof)

In "Defendor," Woody Harrelson plays a crime-fighting hero who's a little off the beaten path—and possibly a few gadgets short of a utility belt. Last month, we brought you the news that the film—which stars Harrelson and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" actress Kat Dennings—had been picked up by Sony Pictures, so you might not have to leap tall buildings to find a theater showing it.

When we caught up with Harrelson at the Toronto International Film Festival, we had to ask him about the offbeat superhero tale, and whether he'd had any comic book history to draw from when playing main character Arthur Poppington.

"I'm always playing Arthur," said Harrelson when asked if he approached the film as if he was playing two roles, Arthur and his alter ego, Defendor. "[But] it's Arthur's sensibility of what a superhero is—his take on how a superhero would talk or how a superhero would stand."

Harrelson confessed that he never really got into comic books when he was younger, but "probably should've" now that comic book movies are becoming prime movie source material.

"If I'd have done my research, [I could've been Iron Man]," he laughed.

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