EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: IDW And Electronic Arts Partner For 'Army Of Two' & 'Dragon Age' Comics

Army of TwoIDW has made a major impact on the comic book industry through several licensed titles, including “Transformers,” “G.I. Joe," “Star Trek," “Ghostbusters," “Doctor Who” and “Angel” in addition to original properties like “30 Days of Night.” However, its latest move could be its most ambitious to date.

Video game developer Electronic Arts and IDW have announced a deal that will launch a new EA Comics imprint under IDW starting in January 2010. Under the deal, EA will assign and manage the creative teams, while IDW will handle the printing and distribution—both to comic shops and through digital channels.

MTV News has an exclusive preview of the first title, "Army of Two," from writer Peter Milligan (“X-Men,” “Human Target”) and artist Dexter Soy. Chester Ocampo is the cover artist for the ongoing series, which will launch before the upcoming video game sequel, “Army of Two: The 40th Day.”

The second EA Comics title will be “Dragon Age”, based on the BioWare RPG “Dragon Age: Origins.” Acclaimed science fiction novelist Orson Scott Card will write the ongoing series while Humberto Ramos (“Runaways”, “X-Men”) is onboard for covers.

While “Dead Space” and “Mirror’s Edge” have already been translated to comics by Image and Wildstorm, respectively; EA has dozens of video games that could also be easily adapted into comics. Additionally, the deal could pave the way for IDW placing their new comic line in video game stores, reaching an even wider audience.

Army of Two

Army of Two

Army of Two

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