'Harker' Creator's New Webcomic Takes Aim At 'Twilight'... And Nazi Vampires!

Where Evils DareWriter Tony Lee, who previously spoke to MTV News about his graphic-novel sequel to Bram Stoker's "Dracula," is dipping into the world of vampires once again. This time around, his new series debuts on DC's webcomic platform Zuda Comics, and he's created a trailer that should catch the attention of a certain vampire-friendly franchise's fanbase.

"Nazi Vampires Don't Sparkle," claims the YouTube trailer for "Where Evils Dare," Lee's new comic with artist Stefano Martino.

"Twilight" comparisons aside, Lee's comic promises a story that's equal parts "The Dirty Dozen" and "Van Helsing," with Allied soldiers battling Adolf Hitler's 666 Platoon—an army of "vampires, werewolves and remote-controlled zombie Nazis led by Captain Von Frankenstein and the SS Colonel Dracula."

"The allies have an ace up their sleeve, for they're led by Captain Richard Harker, grandson of Jonathan and Mina Harker... And he has a score to settle," according to Lee.

"Twilight" this isn't—but you can check it out for yourself over at Zuda Comics.

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