Ryan Reynolds Says 'Green Lantern' 4-5 Months From Shooting, Confirms He's Still On 'Deadpool'

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds may be tackling the roles of two of comics' toughest characters, but that doesn't mean he's immune from the power of Hollywood secrecy. Appearing as a guest on last evening's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the actor seemed stoked about portraying both Green Lantern and Deadpool – even if he had to keep his reasons to himself for the most part.

Though Reynolds insisted that he had to stay quiet on the details of the upcoming "Green Lantern" adaptation, he did reveal one important bit of information – a rough timetable for filming.

"I'm 4-5 months away from beginning shooting," Reynolds told Fallon, musing that the consequences of leaking additional information could be severe.

"It's crazy, it's the only job I've ever had that I'm not allowed to really talk about. I think there's like a representative from Warner Brothers who I'm sure is following me around ready to blow-dart me if I say a single word," said Reynolds, "I probably have a chip in me somewhere, like if I start talking about it, I'll just pass away."

Though Fallon himself didn't seem very familiar with the concepts or powers behind Green Lantern, Reynolds was able to set him straight in terms of what the movie would encapsulate.

"A lot of [the film] is sort of like a space epic and some of it is on planet Earth," said Reynolds, "[Green Lantern] has this ring and he's been chosen to have this power and the ring can kind of create anything that his will or his imagination can conjure up."

Though Reynolds didn't have any new details about the upcoming "Deadpool" spin-off, he did confirm he'd be reprising his Wade Wilson role from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which Fallon considered a super heroic double whammy.

"At his point [playing both roles] makes you just like an Internet hero, nothing really more than that," joked Reynolds.

What do you think of Reynolds' Internet hero status? Which of his comic book roles are you looking forward to most? Opine away in the comments.

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