'Zombieland' Special: Our Five Favorite Comics Featuring The Living Dead

The Walking DeadThe much-awaited "Zombieland" hits theaters today, and while there isn't a direct connection to comics, we're no less excited to see the flick. The Woody Harrelson-starring zombie comedy has received plenty of praise from critics and theatergoers alike, and as a fan of the horror genre, I personally cannot wait to catch this movie.

In honor of the "Zombieland" premiere, I've run down five comic books filled with flesh-hungry goodness that you'd be wise to check out—certainly if you ever hope on surviving the impending zombie apocalypse.

The Awakening: Park Falls has experienced a series of grizzly murders and missing persons, and no one can seem to crack the case... except the local crazy person, Cynthia Ford, who claims that zombies are behind the attack. Retired detective Derrick Peters investigates her allegations only to find that Cynthia might not be quite as crazy as everyone thinks.

This Archaia Studios Press series has received plenty of accolades for its story and art by Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn, respectively, and deservedly so -- just check out this creepy trailer for the comic and you'll feel the urge to bite the book.

Dead at 17Dead@17: Nara Kilday is an axe-wielding, demon-killing 17-year-old girl, but she wasn't always that way—this is just who she is now that she's undead. Josh Howard's "Dead@17," currently published by Image Comics, tells the story of a girl resurrected to protect the planet (and the heavens) from an unending demonic horde, zombies included.

On top of being a monster-killer, Nara has to deal with the troubles of being a teenager. If nothing else, she's the freshest looking zombie in comics that I can think of.

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" is essentially a zombie movie on paper that never ends. Focusing on Rick Grimes, a police officer before a horrific zombie apocalypse, the Image Comics series is best known for its dedication to the random cruelty of life.

In "The Walking Dead," not even the main characters are safe from a pack of flesh-eating hordes or the occasional stray bullet, as you'll see when the "Walking Dead" television series premieres on AMC.

Marvel ZombiesMarvel Zombies: Several mainstream comic book companies have published zombie renditions of their popular characters -- indeed, DC Comics is doing so now with the in-continuity "Blackest Night" miniseries -- but Marvel Comics hit the nail on the decomposing head with "Marvel Zombies," a series of books focusing on blood-hungry, drooling versions of your favorite Avengers, X-Men and more.

Sure, with great power comes great responsibility -- but for zombie Spider-Man, that's pretty far down on the list when compared to the sweet, succulent flesh of living superheroes everywhere!

Xombie: While "Xombie" was released as a Devil's Due Publishing comic book, what you really need to check out is the animated web series created by James Farr. The story centers on Dirge, a shovel-wielding zombie that retains his mortal memories after humanity takes a turn for the undead.

Dirge's adventures will extend beyond the world of comics and cartoons with DreamWorks' planned "Xombie" adaptation, announced just last week.

What are some of your favorite zombie comic books? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!