Lady Gaga And Marc Jacobs Team Up For... A Comic Book?

Lady GagaOkay, confession time: I had to look up Marc Jacobs on Wikipedia before I began writing this post. But if you've ever seen the way I dress, my lack of awareness regarding one of the world's most well-known fashion designers should come as no surprise.

One person I am aware of, however, is Lady Gaga. Heck, it's hard not to be aware of a musician whose taste in costumes rivals the wildest comic book characters ever created. And apparently, she's now the focus of a comic book available in Marc Jacobs stores.

According to Fashionista, artist Brian Einersen created the Lady GaGa comic as an exclusive offering at Marc Jacobs locations. "The cover name-drops St. John, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent so we know it’s worth the read," reports the site. "Not only is the comic fashionable and funny, but it retails for only two dollars making it a guilt-free purchase."

Okay, so I only recognized one of those names that were dropped on the cover, but if you're the sort who recognizes all of 'em, you might want to drop by your local Marc Jacobs shop to pick one of these comics up. And maybe you can send some fashion advice my way, too. I could use it.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed the growing overlap between comics and the fashion world lately? I knew there was a reason I held on to my ratty old Wolverine t-shirt from 8th grade. Next stop: Fashion Week 2010.

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