EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Page Says She'll Play The Sidekick To Rainn Wilson's 'Super' Hero

Last month, news broke that actor Rainn Wilson would be playing a wrench-wielding, wannabe superhero in director James Gunn's "Super." The role would pair him yet again with "Juno" actress Ellen Page, who comics fans might be more familiar with as Kitty Pryde in "X-Men: The Last Stand."

We caught up with Page during a press event for her new film "Whip It" (which premieres this Friday, October 2) in order to get some details on "Super" and her role in the film.

"Rainn Wilson plays a character whose ex-girlfriend gets into a sticky situation and he becomes a superhero, essentially, to solve the problem," explained Page. "I play a slightly eccentric girl who works at a comic book store who really wants to be his sidekick."

"Let's just say there might be some skintight yellow suits," she added. "I don't know for sure. Who knows what will happen?"

While she couldn't offer any more details about her role or the look she'll sport when it comes time to play the sidekick, she did laugh at the suggestion that a cape might be in order, too.

"I don't know, okay? I have to figure that out first," she grinned. "I have to go deep inside."

"But I think it will be really rad," she added.

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