Cam Gigandet Says 'Priest' Motorcycles Making Him a Cool, If Not Easy, Rider

Cam GigandetOne thing I’ve noticed over the course of my life is that chicks dig dudes on motorcycles; one thing I’ve noticed over the last year or so is that chicks also dig Cam Gigandet. So, if the team behind the currently-shooting “Priest” adaptation are concerned about attracting the female demographic, some info I got recently from Cam makes me think they have no need to worry.

“Right now I’m shooting a movie with Paul Bettany that’s called ‘Priest,’ which is going to be an unbelievable film,” he explained when he stopped by the MTV studio last week. “The sets are just unbelievable—and we ride around on motorcycles.”

With any luck, Gigandet joked, not only will he and Bettany look cool as they channel their inner Wild Hogs, but they’ll also look like they know what they’re doing.

“I’d never ridden a motorcycle before this movie,” he said of the flick, based on Min-Woo Hyung’s graphic novel series about mankind’s battle against fallen angels. “They trained us on how to ride motorcycles and all that. Then I finally got to ride my motorcycle on set, and it is a huge beast of a motorcycle. It’s one of the coolest motorcycles, and Priest is on a motorcycle as well, and we get to ride in the middle of the desert on salt flats—it [looks] like those Chevy commercials.”

“We get to ride in the open plains, just me and him in the middle of nowhere,” Gigandet said of his time with Bettany in the flick, which hits theaters next summer. “It’s probably one of the best feelings in the world.”

“I’m a good guy—that’s a change!” joked Gigandet, who can currently be seen acting more than a bit devilish in the sci-fi thriller “Pandorum.” “He’s different. He’s not the most confident guy in the world; he’s not like this cool cat. And that’s his journey, trying to become a man. He was put in these circumstances, whether we wanted to or not; these were forced upon him. And as hard as he tries to be a man and show that he can handle himself, he can’t.”

“But in the end of the movie, he gets there,” grinned Gigandet. “It’s a cool little movie.”

The “Easy Rider” guys? Jeff Goldblum in “Nashville”? The Lone Biker of The Apocalypse? In your opinion, who’s the coolest cinematic character to ever climb onto a motorcycle? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!