John Barrowman Edges Out Alexander Skarsgard In 'Captain America' Casting Poll!

John BarrowmanMaybe it's some sort of "Field of Dreams" thing, but apparently if you ask who should play Captain America, they will respond. And by "they" I mean every-freakin'-one.

Clocking in as the most popular poll we've ever run on Splash Page, our query regarding who should play Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America" not only received a lot of votes, but it also generated quite a bit of discussion. We posted our thoughts on who's best suited to fill the role, so now it's time to reveal who you chose to play Captain America.

In the end, it was a close race between "Torchwood" star John Barrowman and "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgard—but Captain Jack Harkness prevailed, and Barrowman landed at the top of the tally with 36 percent of the total votes. Here's how the rest of the poll panned out, and a sampling of readers' explanations about why they voted the way they did.

Poll Results:

John Barrowman: 36%

Alexander Skarsgard: 28%

Jensen Ackles: 10%

Jon Hamm: 8%

Channing Tatum: 3%

John Cena: 2%

Matthew McConaughey: 2%

Will Smith: 2%

Tyrese Gibson: 0%

Other: 8%

So, there you have it, folks. But it's worth noting that the "other" category was full of some great suggestions, too. Receiving quite a few write-in votes were "The Dark Knight" actor Aaron Eckhart, "General Hospital" actor Steve Burton, and "Fringe" actor (and soon, "Human Target" star) Mark Valley. "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine, "Castle" actor Nathan Fillion, and "Fight Club" actor Brad Pitt also received a significant chunk of write-in votes.

Here's what people had to say about how they voted (and there were a lot of comments, so be sure to check out the original post for more great responses):

Denise: I voted for John Barrowman, he already knows how to play a hero that is almost immortal. He has the looks and the personality to pull it off. Captain America can't be too young he has to be able to pull off being around during world war I as well as the present.

Kevin: I'm changing my vote to Mark Valley, from Boston Legal and now The Human Target. No matter who your favorite Cap artist is, Valley looks like the guy who modeled for them.

purewitz: I voted for Stephen Colbert, because he is the living embodiment of Captain America.

@KnightofShadows: I vote Karl Urban to play Captain America. He looked great as Eomer in LOTR, so why not Cap?

john@themovies: Maybe Russell Crowe? He sure knows how to handle a shield already. Bratt Pitt is also an option. These are actors that can act and have done great movies in the past. Blockbusters! Jensen Ackles is lesser known, but interested in the role.

CrimsonK: I think the decision is clear cut and easy to make, the winner is John Barrowman. Why? For three good reasons 1) He looks like Steve Rogers and he looks like a hero, 2) he has the acting ability to give the character depth and poignancy as well as the charisma to make him fun and charming, 3) he loves Captain America, Cap has been John's favorite super hero since childhood. What more could you possibly ask for? The look, the quality, the charisma and stature to carry it off and the love and dedication it will take to truly do justice to this great American Icon? If you love Cap, you must pick John Barrowman.

Micheal: I went with Paul Walker in the others section, when the rumors for the Captain America movie first came around the idea for the Fast and Furious star actually was mentioned, he also has the look and physique for Steve Rogers and in an acting sense can hold his own in a fight. John Barrowman is another great idea but I still think that going with Paul would be cool, Jensen Ackles to me would be the dark horse in all of this given his primarily television work. Excelsior!

So, will Captain Jack be Captain America? Only time will tell!

Agree with readers' opinions on Cap? Think someone got overlooked? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!