'Surrogates' Arrives In Theaters: Here's What You Need To Know!

The Surrogates"Surrogates" hits theaters today, and Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel already received a positive review from our very own Kurt Loder. As longtime readers are well aware, we've been covering this film since it was in its earliest stages, bringing you news about the film's cast, story, potential sequels (both on-screen and in comics form), and many of the differences between the film and its source material.

In an effort to get you up to speed on all things "Surrogates," I've compiled a roundup of "Surrogates" coverage from the Splash Page archives featuring lots of things you should know (and a few things you don't need to know, but are cool anyway).

Just over a year ago, we spoke with Venditti, the writer of "The Surrogates" graphic novel, who explained why Bruce Willis was perfect for the lead role in the film. The "Die Hard" actor was so perfect, in fact, that Venditti had envisioned him playing the part long before the book was ever optioned!

"Surrogates" producer Elizabeth Banks (yes, that Elizabeth Banks, of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" fame) explained why she was attracted to the book as adaptation material and whether she's planning to turn Venditti and Weldele's new prequel story "Flesh and Bone," into a movie, too.

Christmas came a little early last year, as Disney released the very first publicity image from "Surrogates" back in mid-December. This was our first look at Willis as Agent Greer, who's forced to enter the world as a real human instead of his robotic duplicate when a mysterious murder rocks the city.

Remember that "Surrogates" prequel we mentioned? Well, publishers Top Shelf Productions gave us an exclusive preview of "The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone" back in February. Find out how Greer got his detective's badge and how a different type of surrogate-related murder factored into it!

In May, we finally received a look at the "Surrogates" trailer, while the first "Surrogates" promo poster arrived in July.

Lest you think there will be no surprises in the adaptation for fans of the book, the director dropped a bombshell on MTV News in August when he said that the book's main villain, Steeplejack, was axed from the film's plot!

As part of our big Fall Movie Preview, we gave you a new, exclusive image from "Surrogates" featuring what can only be Greer's surrogate (given the plentiful hair and lack of any five-o'-clock shadow). Fancy!

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