David Goyer And Brannon Braga Talk 'FlashForward'

FlashForwardFROM MOVIES BLOG: In case you missed it, we started doing a little bit of TV coverage here on MTV Movies Blog last week. With the second season of J.J. Abrams' "Fringe" in full swing, MTV contributor Josh Wigler will be providing weekly recaps and opinions on the night's episode.

There's more to come though. Tonight marks the start of a brand new series on ABC, "FlashForward," which is loosely adapted from the Prix Aurora Award-winning sci-fi novel "Flashforward" by Robert J. Sawyer. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" writer Brannon Braga and "Batman Begins"/"The Dark Knight" writer David Goyer are the showrunners, and the duo took time out of their busy San Diego Comic-Con schedule in July to chat with MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall.

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