Joss Whedon Confirms 'Buffy: Season Nine' Plans, Describes John Cassaday's 'Dollhouse' Directing Gig

Joss Whedon"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon has never been shy about his love for comics, and it looks like we'll be treated to more evidence of that affection in the near future.

In an interview with Complex, Whedon shared some details about the upcoming season of "Dollhouse," and also dropped some info about the episode set to be directed by his "Astonishing X-Men" artist John Cassaday. As if that wasn't enough to get the comics wire buzzing, he confirmed the looming conclusion of Dark Horse Comics' "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight" series—and followed that up with the news that we'll definitely see a "Season Nine" for Buffy and co.

"He’s going to f--- up so much," joked Whedon of the fan-favorite artist's "Dollhouse" debut behind the camera.

"He's a storyteller," said Whedon of Cassaday. "I gave him shorter scripts than any other artist I’ve worked with because he has an extraordinary visual sense and it very much matches my own. ... I know him as a person, his sensibility, the way he is with other people and I just feel that this step is logical for him, it’s something he’s been pursuing for a while."

While the celebrated "Planetary" artist will be flexing slightly different muscles to direct the "Dollhouse" episode, he's still looking to contribute in the area of production he knows best, too.

"The only problem we have is he wants to storyboard his episode, and I’m like, 'You do know that it’s a script that will be late, right?'" said Whedon.

As for Buffy's continuing adventures in the Dark Horse comic book series, Whedon said the end of her "Season Eight" is in sight—but fans shouldn't be worried, he has "Season Nine" already mapped out.

"Well, 40 issues was always the goal, and that’s how we’re playing it," he said of the current "Season Eight" run. "We’re around issue 30 now, we’ve got about 10 to go, five of which I have to write, so I have to get on that. Then we’ll pause for breath and then we’ll start Season Nine."

"I have had for a long time a conception for Season Nine that is very different from Season Eight," he added. "It may not run as long, because 40 issues sounds great until you realize that it’s four or five years."

However, fans hoping for a "Dollhouse" comic could have a lot longer to wait. Despite many requests for a comic based on his current series starring Eliza Dushku, he has no plans to give a "Dollhouse" comic the go-ahead until he finds an artist capable of drawing the series' star.

"They keep asking for a Dollhouse comic and I tell them that when they can draw Eliza the way she looks in real life we can do one. Other than that, it’s not really worth it," said Whedon.

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