DreamWorks And 'Cowboys And Aliens' Producers To Bring 'Xombie' To Life

XombieVampires aren't the only creatures flooding the market right now—zombies are making an equally strong push in films like the upcoming "Zombieland" and "Survival of the Dead." Soon, an all-new property with comic book roots might be joining that flesh-hungry pantheon.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that an adaptation of "Xombie," the Devil's Due Publishing comic book and flash animated series from creator James Farr, could be heading to the big screen courtesy of DreamWorks, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci -- the producer pair behind the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens"—with a screenplay by cop-turned-writer Will Beall.

"Xombie" takes place in a world where most of humanity has been replaced by walking, flesh-eating corpses. The story focuses on Dirge, one of few zombies that retains his memories from his human life. Dirge comes upon Zoe, a young human survivor, and swears to protect and reunite her with the remainder of humanity.

Although "Xombie" has taken on the comic book medium courtesy of Devil's Due, it's undoubtedly best known for its origin as an online animated series. Despite the crude flash animation style, Farr's series showcases a real eye for horror, suspense and—of course—epic, blood-thirsty action, all thanks to Dirge's ever-awesome shovel.

Episodes of the "Xombie" flash animated series can be found online, although newer installments are exclusive to DVD. The comic book series can be purchased at the "Xombie" official website.

Are you a fan of "Xombie"? Excited for a big screen adaptation, or do you think the series will lose something as a live-action film? Let us know what you think in the comments!