The Votes Are In: Superman Should Be First Superhero On DC's Movie Slate

SupermanIn the wake of Warner Brothers restructuring DC's role in the company movie plans, we asked readers last week to vote on the superhero project they think the newly formed DC Entertainment should make its first priority.

While the winner of the poll should surprise no one (hint: he's faster than a speeding bullet), the runners-up might offer the most interesting take on how fans feel about DC's potential movie projects. It's also worth noting that the top vote-getter, Superman, isn't exactly at the top of DC's to-do list right now—so one of the other options might not be out of the realm of possibility.

Read on for the full breakdown of votes, as well as some opinions from readers about which characters they'd bring to the big screen first if they were calling the shots.

Here's how the votes panned out:

Superman: 38%

The Flash: 19%

Justice League: 10%

Green Arrow: 10%

Wonder Woman: 8%

Captain Marvel/Shazam!: 5%

Lobo: 3%

Other: 7%

Among the characters receiving a significant number of votes in the "Other" category were Green Lantern (who already has a movie in the works), Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Sandman (not a bad choice at all, actually!), Swamp Thing and one of my personal favorites, The Question. (The Vic Sage or the Renee Montoya version?)

Here's what readers had to say about their picks:

Dan: I think there are a lot of movies in the making that will bring public attention to some really cool franchises like Captain Marvel and Thor, but love it or hate it to most non-comic folk comics are Superman and Superman is comics. This is why I voted for the Man of Steel. By busting the existing outdated public stereotypes of the character we not only get this franchise back on track, we create a positive roll on effect for the entire comics industry, as well as grow the movie fanbase more willing to see ‘comic book adaptations’.

purewitz: I say Justice League, because it would be a nice way of introducing the less-known characters. With the more well--know characters as the reason for buying the ticket. It would be a great launch pad for the whole DC Universe Franchise.

@lonelypond: Time for a Barry Allen Flash movie --old school -- best thing in Wednesday comics; love to see Iris on screen

dasmb: God a JLA film sounds ghastly. If X3 has taught us anything, it's that huge dogpiles of heroes are hard, hard, hard to make without alienating personalities or just looking stupid. Team books work either because they draw from a stable of recognized personalities or because they build up characters in short vignettes over dozens of issues. You just can't do that in two hours; it's part of the reason Marvel is building its Avengers a year at a time. I actually voted for Shazam! -- because you can't get a more modern dichotomy than the naive optimism of the Marvel Family as countered by the stoic realism of Black Adam.

R. Phillips: I would love to see a golden age hero movie set in the 30's or 40's. In particular I think an adaptation of Sandman Mystery Theater would be awesome and that whole series had a sort of "film noir" feel to it that would translate well onto film. Plus you could draw in other golden age superhroes like they did in the comics such as Wildcat, Hourman, Alan Scott etc. This would jive well with Warner's desire to adapt Vertigo titles.

So, there you have it. Apparently, no one wants to see a "Blue Devil" movie any time soon. Blah.

Did the results pan out as expected? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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