EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caine On 'Batman 3': 'There Is No Johnny Depp In This Batman'

Ever since Michael Caine infamously name-checked Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman as potential cast members for the next "Batman" movie, he's been on notice. According to Caine, who's currently making the rounds promoting his upcoming film "Harry Brown," he hasn't been on the receiving end of any details regarding Christopher Nolan's next foray in the Bat-universe... but that doesn't mean he isn't interested in where the franchise goes next.

MTV Movies Editor Joshua Horowitz caught up with Caine during the Toronto International Film Festival (where the "news" first got started last year) to pick his brain about the next "Batman" movie and joke about the scoop that rocked the 'Net.

"There is nobody, there's no script, there's nothing," Caine told MTV News of the status of the next "Batman" movie. "It can't possibly be made before 2011 because 'Inception' is such a big picture."

"[They] won't tell me anything because I said this before," laughed Caine of the no-tell policy surrounding him after last year's Depp/Hoffman story. Nevertheless, Caine offered this bit of "news"—before admitting that it could be wrong, and he'd be in trouble all over again.

"Johnny Depp is great in anything, but there is no Johnny Depp in this Batman," he smiled. "They tell me in no uncertain terms."

Well, if that isn't news...


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