Alleged Casting Notice Reveals Four Characters From 'Green Lantern,' Including Villainous Sinestro

Green LanternTo date, Ryan Reynolds is the only known cast member of the upcoming Martin Campbell-directed "Green Lantern," but a recent casting call has offered a first glimpse into the other characters surrounding Hal Jordan in the DC Comics adaptation.

According to SpoilerTV, an allegedly official casting notice reveals four familiar characters that will appear in Hal Jordan's first live-action flight -- Carol Ferris, Dr. Hector Hammond, Sinestro and Abin Sur. While the authenticity of the casting call can't be verified just yet, it nonetheless provides some interesting possibilities about "Green Lantern."

In the comics, Carol Ferris is an occasional love interest of Hal Jordan's. Carol runs the Ferris Aircraft business for her ailing father, has a strict no-dating-employees policy, which interferes with her and Hal's romance. The casting call's description of Carol as a 26-32 year old work-a-holic sounds pretty on the money.

Also mentioned in the list is Abin Sur, the alien Green Lantern that crash lands on Earth with a life-threatening injury. On the brink of death, he commands his ring to seek out a soul worthy of wielding the power ring, ultimately leading to Hal's transformation as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.

Rounding out the villainous roles are Hector Hammond and Sinestro. Hammond is described as "austere and impersonal, he is real 'scummy.' He is a pathologist and also the son of a Senator." What the casting sheet leaves out is Hammond's eventual mammoth-sized head, with which he can employ telepathic abilities. That story might wait for a "Green Lantern" sequel, however.

Sinestro, of course, was the obvious villain for "Green Lantern" from the start. We've offered our own casting suggestions for the purple-skinned bad guy, but the casting sheet's description of Sinestro as "smart, tough, intimidating and in great physical shape" seems to take a few players off the board -- clearly, Campbell and company are looking for a younger, fitter Sinestro. As long as the guy can act, I'm fine with any age or physicality they want.

What do you think of the potential "Green Lantern" casting call? Pretty much as you expected? Is there anyone left out that you'd still like to see in the film?