Gavin Hood Supports Anti-Smoking PSA For 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' DVD

'Wolverine'"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" director Gavin Hood did his homework on Logan's character and history when he set to work on the film. Much of that history, however, includes excessive cigar chomping. Those same smoking habits became an editorial target at Marvel after editor-in-chief Joe Quesada came to power and tobacco use has since been discouraged throughout their titles. Wolverine did enjoy the occassional cigar in Hood's film, however, earning a negative reaction from the American Medical Association Alliance. Fox followed suit with a special anti-smoking public service announcement on this week's DVD release of the movie, and Hood expressed a personal interest in its inclusion.

"My biggest fan on this movie is my nephew, who's 12 years old," Hood told MTV News. "You certainly don't want for that audience or any audience to suggest that smoking is cool, given what we now know about smoking, which was not the case 40 years ago when the comic book character was created."

The South African-born director didn't know about the PSA until the studio came to him and asked what he thought about packaging it with the PG-13-rated film. The AMAA believes that all movies featuring characters who smoke should receive an R rating, given tobacco's proven health risks.

"Given what we now know about the effects of smoking, someone at the studio had the idea that it might be an honorable thing to do," Hood explained.

The PSA appears on both the one and two-disc DVD sets for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" that appeared in stores this week.

Do think including an anti-smoking PSA was good decision for the "Wolverine" DVD's? How do you feel about heroes smoking in comic books and movies? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.