'X-Men: First Class' Could Shoot In Early 2010 According To Cyclops Himself

X-Men: First ClassIf "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" accomplished only one thing, it's this: there will be more "X-Men" films. Between "Deadpool," "X-Men Origins: Magneto" and "X-Men: First Class," it's really just a matter of which movies are going to come first. Based on "Wolverine" actor Tim Pocock's recent comments, it's likely that "X-Men: First Class" could well be the next movie on Fox's mutant agenda.

"Currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010...then X-men first class," the actor wrote on Twitter just a few short days ago, implying that production on the movie could be ramping up soon.

"First Class," which allegedly focuses on the young adventures of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast, has been the subject of some speculation lately. Original "X-Men" helmer Bryan Singer's name has been mentioned as the possible director of "First Class," though nothing official has been stated either way just yet.

If Pocock's comments pan out, then we're likely to hear word of a director soon, whether it's Singer or not. News of casting could also be on the way, with Pocock as Cyclops seemingly a given and Patrick Stewart's return as Charles Xavier likely as well.

Then again, we are talking Twitter, here. As with Rose McGowan's recent Twitter comments, Pocock's own statements could well be premature, inaccurate or otherwise misinterpreted. Still, the prospect of "X-Men: First Class" lensing as early as February 2010 is nonetheless intriguing.

Are you hoping that "First Class" starts shooting soon, or would you prefer a different "X-Men" film got underway first? Let us know in the comments!